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Syntax Definition wdfat 38235
Description: Extend the definition of a wff to include the "defined at" predicate. (Read: (The Function)  F is defined at (the argument)  A). In a previous version, the token "def@" was used. However, since the @ is used (informally) as a replacement for $ in commented out sections that may be deleted some day. While there is no violation of any standard to use the @ in a token, it could make the search for such commented-out sections slightly more difficult. (See remark of Norman Megill at!topic/metamath/cteNUppB6A4).
Ref Expression
cA  class  A
cF  class  F
Ref Expression
wdfat  wff  F defAt  A

See definition df-dfat 38238 for more information.

Colors of variables: wff setvar class
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